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Maximize brand mileage by using vehicle graphics for more than just transportation. Boost brand awareness and reflect your style with 3M Graphic Films. Thanks to 3M's long track record of quality and durability, you can be confident that whatever 3M product you choose, it will maintain its performance over the long haul.

Turn every trip into an advertising opportunity. Whether you operate a fleet of 2,000 trucks or rely on a single van to deliver products and services, extend your reach out on the open road.

… And Night
Take advantage of a unique opportunity to boost brand visibility after the sun sets and improve safety on the road. 3M’s wide-angle reflective technology will reflect your brand no matter what time you are on the road.

Going Green
3M is proud to lead the revolution in greener car wrapping. Our non-PVC graphic films offer solutions for sustainability goals that more and more businesses are trying to achieve. When high performance is the highest priority, 3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Films deliver results that other films cannot match.

Going Bold
When you’re looking for a single, eye-popping color to make the boldest of statements, look no further than the 3M™ 1080 Wrap Film Series. Manufactured with two color layers for dimensional stability and durability, this series has one of the largest collections of colors under the sun.


Windows and glass surfaces are prime real estate for any business. Why not take advantage of every square inch to achieve a wide variety of solutions? Expand your brand, enhance your privacy and personalize your space with 3M vinyl and non-vinyl window graphics.

The long…
Building a brand takes time and dedication. 3M window graphics can be in it with your clients for the long haul. For storefront window graphics, decals and more, you can rest easy knowing the colors of your graphics will stay bold and bright for the long-term.

… and the short of it.
Promotional graphics are a powerful tool for generating buzz and excitement during a short window of time. When removability is as important as installation for your graphics plan, we have you covered.

On the inside…
Spruce up your interior space with window and glass wraps that can serve a variety of purposes. Add colorful graphics to boost your brand or create privacy for sensitive meetings.

…and out.
Our window films will have you rethinking exterior wraps. Turn a car or truck into a rolling billboard and dress up a retail space with an eye-catching storefront window graphic.


Transform blank buildings and walls into works of art and extend brands into experiential spaces with 3M graphic films and overlaminates. Create stunning, picture-perfect wall graphics and building wraps for almost any surface including textured walls and smooth surfaces, inside and out.

Interior Graphics
Smooth indoor surfaces are blank canvases that present ideal opportunities to extend, strengthen and showcase branding, or turn those walls into works of art. From printable films and colored films to décor overlaminates, the creative possibilities are endless.

Exterior Graphics
Refresh building exteriors with graphic films. Create wayfinding signage, bold branding or murals. An exterior wall wrap can extend the experience from inside to street side.

Graphic Films for Textured Surfaces
A bumpy surface is no problem for these graphic films. Help your customers get noticed with a wall wrap that fits like a glove, even on a textured wall.

Architectural Surface Finishes
When surfaces and fixtures need an update, instead of replacing, resurface. At a fraction of the cost, you can use 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes with sleek metal, sophisticated marble and luxurious wood designs to renovate spaces with less downtime, less labor and less waste.


Take advantage of an often-forgotten graphics opportunity that is, literally, right at your feet. With so many people now staring down at their phones, floors and sidewalks have become a prominent focal point. 3M floor graphic films have the durability to withstand thousands of footsteps and the quality to catch thousands of eyes. Move people and sales in the right direction, with promotional and wayfinding graphics both inside and out.

Under a Ceiling
Floor graphics are a great way to direct traffic inside the store… right up to the sales counter, where a strategically placed graphic can help seal the deal with a shopper. Beyond wayfinding and promotional opportunities, floor wraps have the ability to transform an interior space into a completely new environment.

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